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Finally first clutch out of the eggs! Piebald baby is staying at home, but the others will be available for reservation.

Normal het pied x Banana pinstripe het pied 



We got to bring home an adorable little boy today! :) Super emperor (poss YB) het clown. 



Last ball python clutch of the year :) 9 eggs from Lesser het piebald (paired with lavender albino poss het piebald). Expected to hatch in the end of June.



8 eggs from Butter Leopard Pinstripe x Fire GHI Mojave :)  Expected to hatch in middle of June! 

IMG_0865 (2).JPG

 First eggs of the season! Our banana pinstripe het pied laid 4 good eggs last night! By the looks of it we also got more

ball python eggs coming in the middle of April :)

From our hognoses the first clutch was only slugs and with the second pairing we haven't seen any locks yet, 

 but we'll keep pairing and hopefully we get eggs later in the year.   

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