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Our new girls <3 

Fire GHI Mojave ball python & ToffeeConda hognose   


Albino twinspot x Anaconda het albino

Hatched 17.4.2020



Snapped a few pictures while setting up all the babies. Speechless!



Boa babies born! :) We got 14 babies and 9 slugs. All the babies are looking good and 3 leopards in the clutch! 



All our hognoses babies have started eating and are doing good.

Albino anaconda girl posing in the pic :)

From this years pairing we got:

2.2 wildtype het albino

2.0 anaconda het albino

0.1 albino

0.1 albino anaconda


Looking like a nice mix of wildtype, anacondas and albinos.


First babies of the year!

Finally the first hognoses have started peeking out of the eggs :) 



Hognose eggs! 9 eggs from albino twinspot x anaconda het albino. One egg looks empty but the other eight all have good looking veins so hopefully we´ll have tiny noses poking out in about two months.



Sonoran female is ovulating. It looks like we might get boas this year :) 


Our boa babies are ready for new homes! :) In the last week we also got to welcome two lovely ladies to the house! We got a ToffeeConda hognose and a Fire GHI Mojave ball python (pics coming later, we´re letting them settle in for now). 


Sonoran het leopard IMG-line  x Sonoran IMG het leopard

Born 22.5.2020

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